Monthly Archives: July 2017

A view over the Severn

Last night I was feeling restless and a bit sick of the city, so short of anything else to do I drove up to Severn View services. I remember stopping there on the way back from somewhere as a kid and sitting in the canteen (from what I can remember of services in the 80s I think canteen is probably the most suitable word) by the window looking over the estuary to the hills and fields on the other side. Sadly only a select few can enjoy that view now as the building that was the services is now offices of an insurance company, but you can still walk up there and look across, and there even two of those old coin operated telescopes.

It’s always nice to look across and see the landscape on the other side, but this time the view was quite dramatic, as there were quite a few dark clouds but with gaps in where the evening sun shone through giving some of the fields on the other side a beautiful glow. I walked for about 10 mins along the coast path and through some woods before heading home. I felt a bit better after that and it made me think I need to get to proper outdoors more. For context I live next to a busy road where it runs parallel with a motorway. The only good thing about that is that sometimes at night it’s actually vaguely relaxing to sit at my desk with the curtains open and watch the lights of the cars going by on the motorway.